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Raise the flag of gratitude Team Cape Care!

As an admin staff, you are getting it so right and with the trio of Katrina, Nolu, Agnes, and behind the scenes of Freda and Khuti (sorry, can’t spell), you have all done awesome work for Mother. She sends her gratitude.

I so appreciate all you do to get things right.

When Mother gives praise, rejoice. I know. !!:-) Love and blessings. Angela.


We have had notification that my mom can move into Plumsteadrusoord tomorrow. very, very sudden. I have to grab this opportunity as it appears that we have been very lucky to get her in. She has become very frail and it has been a terrible worry this last few weeks.

We are very sad to say goodbye to Waghieda who has been outstanding. My mom and she developed a very special bond. Rosemary was another person who stepped in and made my mom’s Easter weekend special. She was spot on time every day, often drenched because of the Easter rain but always cheerful and so willing to help.

So, formally tomorrow will be her last day and I must say it is going to be very emotional after 25 years of caring for my mom on my own.

THANK YOU to you and your team, it has been so easy to deal with Cape Care.


How can we ever thank you enough for everything that the Cape Care Agency has done for our family over the past four years – we are so grateful that we found you, and we are so grateful for the day-in, day-out care that your dedicated teams of nurses gave to first my mother and then my father.

There was never a moment when I had to worry that a nurse would not arrive, or would leave without a replacement and that peace of mind was invaluable, especially when I was away from Cape Town so much.

Even more important, with my father’s blindness and dementia making him completely helpless, was the fact that I could trust absolutely that he was cared for gently and respectfully no matter what the circumstances. I shall never forget that.

With all good wishes to everyone at the agency.