Assisted Care for Adults Cape Town - Cape Care Agency
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Assisted Care for Adults Cape Town

Caregivers - Cape Care Agency - Home based care agency in Cape Town. Elderly care.


Cape Care Agency is an elder care agency in Cape Town that offers care on a full time or part time basis.  We offer assisted living care through carers that are both highly trained and well experienced.

We believe that the client should always have the option of whether to move into a retirement village or frail care, or to stay in their own home.

Remaining in one’s own home, with care, enables life to go on as normal, despite incapacity or frailty. Beloved pets, visitors, memorabilia all remain familiar and intact. Our carers have been trained to look at care holistically in the client’s own environment. Basic care duties include assistance with personal hygiene, pressure care, companionship, cooking, light housework and any other individual requirements such as walking the dog, receiving guests, driving and shopping etc.  This enables the client to retain their independence and continue to live according to their own preferences.

Cape Care  provides a friendly and personal assisted care for adults service that enables the frail, elderly or disabled client to continue to live independently in his/her own home. Depending on the individual needs and health needs of the client, care may be provided on a full or part time basis ie. from 3 hours to 24 hours per day. The choice of whether to remain at home or not is every person’s right.


Not all clients require care both night and day but some do benefit from a carer on the premises for 24hrs. For this reason we encourage clients to look at the option of having a carer live in their home as a support and caring presence.  Live in care necessitates the carer having their own room and being able to get a fairly good night’s rest. However, they are always there in case of an emergency, helping the client feel safe and secure.


Sometimes the choice to live in an institution is the correct one. However, many health care facilities today are under-staffed and are not able to give attention to the specific needs of the client. Cape Care Agency carers work very successfully in these facilities, providing one on one care and giving the client the assistance they need. The service we provide currently ranges from driving a client to an appointment and companionship to 24 hour support care.