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Elder Care Cape Town

How to Take Care of an Elderly Parent at Home

It is quite a challenge, both physically and emotionally, taking care of an aging parent at home. Your elderly parent is vulnerable and needs plenty of love, respect and patience.  Sometimes the challenges are such that patience is not easy to come by! Remember, what you are doing is valuable and deeply appreciated (even if it doesn’t seem so sometimes!).

The best thing that you can do is to be informed and feel supported in your home care.

Following, are a few tips on caring for elderly parents in your home.

Remember to make them feel important. 

Ask what they want to eat – don’t just assume that they would like to eat what you like to eat.

Ask how they are feeling and listen when they complain about their aches and pains.

Play games with them – card games, board games.  Keep their minds active.

Ask them where they would like to go and take them on outings – it can brighten their whole day!

Give them their own space and own furnishings – a place where they can do as they please and have what they please.  A sense of ownership is vital to feeling independent and valued.

Read to them or offer to get recorded books etc.

Ask for their advice on things – usually their advice is the right advice!

Allow them to do things for you.  Maybe they would like the job of setting the table for dinner, or hanging out the laundry.  Small chores make them feel a part of your home and a contributor to home life.  Chores also give your elderly parent something to do!

Tell them you love them!  Tell them they are not a burden and that you enjoy the responsibility of taking care of them.

In terms of physical preparation:

Install and safety modifications that might be needed in your home. Things like night lights, balustrades and railings etc.  You may need to install a ramp or a shower chair.

Finances and Legal:

Assist them with their finances and make sure that they are not being taken advantage of in any way. Know about your parents’ legal affairs and documents.  Assist them with medical planning and any trust they might need.

Elder Care Cape Town

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